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Ermenonville is 12 km from Senlis and about 36 km from Paris. This town is accessible by the North Highway following the interchange No. 07. The RN 330 Creil-Meaux crosses the commune of Ermenonville. Ermenonville is crossed entirely by the river La Launette, which is also the main watercourse of the town : book a Car service from Paris airport to Ermenonville .

Ermenonville is inhabited since the Neolithic and subject to the lords of Chantilly in the 7th century. The first Ermenonville castle marks the history of this French commune. The castle was built in 987 on the villa of Irminon, under the direction of a bishop of Sentis named Hugues Capet. The castle was successively bought by personalities, namely in 1357 by Robert Lorris, in 1402 by Michel Lailler who was lord of Ermenonville, in the Middle Ages by the feudal lords during which time King Louis XI stays there from time to time . In 1603, King Henry IV surrendered the castle to the governor of Calais in time, who was also his friend and servant.

Successive owners

In 1778, the estate belonged to Gérardin’s family which was Rousseau’s guest. He embellished the surroundings by developing a park according to an English model. He was also inspired by his book entitled “The Composition of Landscapes”. By jumping a little bit in the heart of history, the castle was bought in 1964 by Dr. Henri Montarnal. Note that he bought the castle in his state which left something to be desired, and then he rehabilitated it to convert it successively into a “hotel-restaurant” then a retirement home which closed in 1978 because of management difficulties.

Amusement park

After 13 years of break, except a stealthy passage of Mrs. Biestro of the Hindu sect in 1981, the group Philippe Savry through the “Private Hotels” bought the castle of Ermenonville in 1991 which was converted into a hotel-restaurant prestige. Then, this owner once again gave the castle to a new owner in 2018. There were times when the castle was used as a film location (in 1955, 1993, 1997, 1999). However, an amusement park was built in 1963 by Jean Richard in the light of the American West because the area is sandy, hence the version called “The Sea of ​​Sand”. If you want to discover Ermenonville, do not hesitate to ask for a car service.

The municipality of Ermenonville is attached to the Community of Commons of the country of Valois. It is not late compared to the new technologies and the civilization which advances with a bewildering speed. We know that Paris is only 36 km from Ermenonville, and therefore the inhabitants of the capital come to work regularly at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport, on behalf of Air France. With its 16, 5 km² area, Ermenonville has about 1009 inhabitants, giving about a density of 61 hab./km².

The inhabitants are divided into different socioprofessional categories. There are only a few farmers in Ermenonville, even though the city is quite green. The city of Ermenonville is still large and ready to welcome you, whether you are visiting or want to stay longer. It is not far from the capital, and you can spend your weekend there at a lower cost. It should be noted that the history of Ermenonville here is a bit shorter, but if you are passing through the city, you will be filled with interesting information as well. For your passage through the city, our fleet is made up of different types of vehicles.

The sea of ​​sand

From 1963 until today, the Sea of ​​Sand remains the confirmed theme park of France. 45 minutes from Paris, the park is located in Ermenonville in the Oise. To spend extraordinary sensations in family, the sea of ​​sand reserves various activities with its 28 attractions and 3 big spectacles. Visitors will discover very original worlds: adventures in the jungle, the time of the pioneers and the Mexican fiesta. Thanks to its surface, large and small will live memorable atmospheres.

The royal Chaalis abbey

Only 500 meters from the amusement park Sea of ​​sand, you can admire the Royal Abbey of Chaalis. This historic place with more than 6,000 works of art has seven rooms, able to accommodate a thousand people and it has a beautiful view of the garden. Not only is it an art gallery, but you will discover the scents of perfumes. The Chaalis Royal Abbey is an environment that has a lot of charm especially for different events.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Park

It is a park that allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature, philosophy and art at the same time. Whether it’s a guided or simple tour, you’ll learn a lot. Indeed, each visit highlights the progress of science. The walk in Parc Jean-Jacques-Rousseau is personalized. You have the choice to participate in groups of adults, school group or association, family or solo. The park offers workshops, fun games, historical walks, etc. In other words, you will be able to enjoy it whether you are with your family or alone. Remember that there is a trail on the writers’ trail, a walk in the garden and an orienteering course.

Jacquemart André Museum in Chaalis

Who says museum, means the fine arts and the decorative arts. The union of Édouard André and Nélie Jacquemart was the source of this museum. Since 1882, the couple continues to collect the works they buy during their travels in many countries of the world. Among others, Italy, the Middle East and Holland. Their collection consists mainly of paintings, sculptures, tapestries, frescoes, furniture and objets d’art. By visiting this large area, you will discover the different rooms as interesting as each other. Amongst others, there are the big salons, the private rooms, the winter garden and the staircase, the Italian museum and the private apartments.

The Ermenonville National Forest

The forest of Ermenonville is a forest environment of 3,319 hectares that manages to cover eight municipalities. From north to south and from west to east, it constitutes the largest massifs and numerous private woods. As a result, it is protected by the NFB as a natural heritage. This public site reveals incomparable places: remarkable trees, particular natural sites, historical monuments. Naturally, nature lovers can discover it by taking a short walk. It should be noted, however, that all categories of people are welcome as well. Indeed, the forest puts at your disposal several activities. For you to enjoy, we put at your service our professionally trained drivers.

Ermenonville is a commune attached to the department of Oise. It is just 20.3 km from Parc Astérix and 41.8 km from Château de Pierrefonds. The distance to Orly Airport is 64.6 km and 22.5 km to CDG Airport.

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