How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to the Invalides area ?



This complex building dating back in 1670 is one of Paris attraction. This touristy site in the 7th district contains museums, church, hospital, retirement home and tombs (those of Napoleon and France war heroes). There are also cinema, restaurants, and shopping shoes in the neighborhood. For your trip in Paris, if you are looking for means to get from CDG airport to this area, we give some of the possible options below so you can choose the one which fits you best.

When you travel, you want security and comfort. With this choice, the luxurious vehicle driven by an English-speaking chauffeur can drive you directly to the hotel near the Invalides area. This avoids you the risk of being ripped-off in a bus or in a train and the problem of the language barrier. And after a tiring flight, the professional driver is already waiting for you at the arrivals hall. He picks you up at the airport hall with a board with your name and delivers you safely at your destination. Even in case of flight delay or late arrivals, you can be sure the driver won’t leave at the meeting point until you relax in the luxurious car.

You will no longer need to decipher a map of Paris or ask for an address to find your accommodation. Plus, if you’re traveling with someone with a disability, you can take the time to get them into the car, which can be less stressful. Private airport transfers don’t mean high prices. Book our services in advance for an affordable and hassle-free arrival. It also saves you time and money as the prices are fixed even in the event of a strike or peak hour.

This mode of transportation is ideal if you think about cutting the cost of your travel. With a shared airport transfer, you travel with a maximum of 8 people. There are stops on the way since it is a door-to-door service but the company puts together persons with the same arrival times.

The official taxis outside the Airport termial cost more or less like a private airport transfer. They are also clean and deliver you to your destination. There’s no need about negotiating your rate or booking in advance. You pay the price shown in the taxi meter. So they can be much expensive than a private airport transfer (up to 75 $ and 50 to 65 $ with Uber) if the traffic is hectic.

You can take a train from CDG airport 2 TGV to Saint-Michel –Notre-Dame B. This drive will cost &4 to 16 $ and it takes 58 mn with the transfers. This option is much safer and less expensive than a car. But if you are loaded, it might not be a good option. There is also no privacy. And one of the main disadvantages with metro and bus is that if you are not familiar with these public transportations and know how to find the way, you can get lost.

The Invalides area is about 34,5 km from CDG by road. You can take the bus line 92 from CDG 2A/2C to Etoiles Champs Elysées. This will cost 24 $. Another option can be also to take the Roissybus to Opera and then take a cab to the Invalides area. This alternative is not recommended if your time is precious and if you don’ have enough change. But taking a bus is a good idea for many travellers who are on a budget.

You can also drive your own car. It takes about 60 mn to get to the Invalides area . This costs you 4 to 7 $.

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