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History the town of Amfreville in Normandy

Amfreville is a French commune located in the department of Manche and the Lower Normandy region. In the year of grace 1150, Amfreville is known under the name Ansfrevilla. In 1329, the lord of the town was William Avenel of Biards. After this, the title returned to the Baron de Néhou Angle, Jean de Tardes. The 1812 years marked increased in the city. Indeed, it has been linked to Cauquigny.


Tourism and visits Amfreville.

The common Amfreville is its glorious masterpieces. Indeed, St. Martin’s Church was built in the early thirteenth century. This building hosts the windows of Paul Martineau. It houses several works classified as historical monuments. You can also have the satisfaction of admiring the church of St. Ironwood Cauquigny XII century. In addition, the Amfreville castle is one of the wonders of the English Channel. Naturally, this building is registered as historical monuments. It was built in the fourteenth century. Apart from this, the region has other attractions including The Moinerie. This building is Gothic. She has been the subject of a registration as a historic monument. Several attractions are also observable in the city namely the banks Merderet the hamlet to hamlet Bris and Anchors. Do not miss the monument of the 507th regiment, the monument orchard "Timmes" and Plate Lieutenant Heisler. Other plaques are visible including the German Plate hospital.

The city Amfreville is as broad as it is necessary to have a means of transport to be able to visit the places it has. In this case, we recommend that you make a reservation with our transfer service. To be able to choose from the following selections: Collective Shuttle, VIP luxury car and private car. A competent driver will be available throughout the course.


Transfer from Amfreville to Paris airports

The common Amfreville is 113 km from Le Havre and 278 km from Paris. It is located 305 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 339 km from Orly Airport and 344 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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