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History of the town of  Almenêches in Normandy

Located in the department of Orne and the Lower Normandy region, Almenêches is a French commune. It was certainly named as such because of its occupation by an army almans areas of the Romans towards the end of the Empire. Duke of Normandy Robert Curthose decided to compete against Robert II of Belleme in 1102. He claimed that his dedicated gather in the monastery Almenêches. This gathering was done in order to begin its journey. To punish him, Robert II de Belleme faces and sets fire to the monastery. Almenêches in 1822 was connected with the town of Saint-Hippolyte.



Tourism  and visit Almenêches

Almenêches is a common tourist attractions remarkable. You are invited to go to explore the city and all its entirety. To do this, walks through the streets of Almenêches will show its beauty. It has several historical monuments which may be of interest to lovers stories. You can go exploring the Abbey Almenêches during a guided tour. This building was built in the late sixth century. It has been registered as an historical monument in March 1993. By cons, its bell tower and its portal were classified as such on 27 September 1948. The church Almenêches is currently characterized by a nave and transept date from medieval sixteenth century or more specifically between the years 1534 and 1550. The choir was built in the seventeenth century.

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Tansfer from Almenêches to  Paris airports

Almenêches is located at a distance of 22 km from the Regional Natural Park Normandy Town and 164 km from Paris. It is situated at a distance of 164 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 182 km from Orly Airport and 275 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.


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