Private transfer from Ancourt in Normandy to Paris airports


History of the town of Ancourt in Normandy

Ancourt is a French commune located in the department of Seine-Maritime and the Haute-Normandie region. Over the centuries, the town changed its name. In effect until 830, this destination adopted the name "Aionecurte or Aionecorte." This name comes from Curtis is a contraction of the Latin name cohors Corte and became popular in the language. Aione is actually the name of the owner of the territory at the time. Thus, the mean area Ancourt Angione. The common Ancourt was already inhabited in Roman times as during archaeological excavations, researchers have discovered urns Gallic, Roman pottery, vases including black bones not to mention the Roman coin.



Tourism and visits to city  Ancourt in Normandy

Many tourist and historical sites present in the common Ancourt. It is for this reason that tourism has become an important place in this village. The parish church of Saint-Saturnin is one of the impressive buildings of this destination. Before, it was under the authority of the Abbey of Fécamp. This religious building was the subject of a registration as historical monuments since 1908. Besides the church, visitors will see near the memorial erected after the First World War. Over a stroll in the narrow streets of the town, it is possible to discover the cross and wash well Ancourt five mills, namely: Bouffard mill, the mill of the stone, the mill of the Mad the mill and the mill Caitivel Pontrancard. Castle Pontrancard is to admire in this county, it is private property belonging to the family Bemberg.

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Private transportation from town of Ancourt  in Normandy to  Paris airports

The common Ancourt is 8 km from Dieppe and 143 km from Paris. This destination is 115 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 213 km from Orly Airport and 219 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.


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