Private transfer to Alligny-en-Morvan in Burgundy


History of Alligny-en-Morvan in Burgundy

Is a French commune, Alligny-en-Morvan is located in the department of Nièvre, in the Burgundy region. Once this common extended on both sides of the Taraine. In the thirteenth century, the village was divided into two parts. Limits being the course of the river. The residents of the left bank were annexed to the barony of Island-lès-Saulieu and those on the right bank had formed a stronghold in particular the ancient name of barony Alligny. In 1743, the village was acquired by the king’s ambassador at Turin, a man of great merit and very religious, called François-Bernard Caesar Marquis de Choiseul, lord of Montsauche, of Argoulais of Palmaroux and Bussiere.


Tourism and visits Alligny-en-Morvan

This small village invites tourists to visit its various monuments namely strong house Alligny. Built in the twelfth century by Hugh of Aligny, it was restored between 1645 and 1660. The XIXth century, some of the buildings of the fortified house, built around a courtyard orbicular, was destroyed. Only a few parts of this building are classified as historical monuments, including the moat fed by sources whitewater, the foundation of the house and chimney dating from the fifteenth. The church of Saint-Hilaire called Saint Hilary of Poitiers was built in the seventh century. Today, only the tower of the church remains. Several castles are existing in the village including the Castle Alligny-en-Morvan of the fifteenth century, the castle and the castle Ferrière Champcomeau Tour d’Ocle said. Other attractions are still present ie the Presbytery, the war memorial built after 1920 with pink granite columns and washing, including two in the hamlet of Jarnoy and at Bourg, all three dating from the nineteenth century.

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Transfer from Alligny-en-Morvan to Paris airports.

Alligny-en-Morvan is located 29 km from Autun and 231 km from Paris. This destination is located 254 km from Orly airport, 287 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 354 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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