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Forges Castle is a castle built in the town of Concremiers Indre , in the former province of Berry. Today , the house became a guest house rich in history. The castle was registered as a historic monument, but not so far be visited by the public.



Description Château de Forges

The Château de Forges is a very dated fourteenth century castle. Formerly it was part of a military property to protect the boundaries of Berry against the English invasion . This property is one of the most beautiful in the region. It has an aesthetic delight and contains a story she shared in private. The Château de Forges is deemed given its loyal customers , a medieval atmosphere.

Since the fourteenth century , the Château de Forges has been no significant development or restoration that has had an impact on its appearance. The property has been , and still is composed of a dungeon surrounded by his loft . In its courtyard is a quadribolé dungeon. In its east side, the stables , the cellar and the central chapel .



History of the Château de Forges

The Château de Forges remained in the same family for three centuries. The house belonged to Marguerite de Poix said Lady de Forges . Around 1600 , the latter married Antoine de Lage, Lord of Palisse . Unfortunately, this happy couple had no prosperity. Thus , the castle returned to the sister who married Margaret Stone Muzard . The latter had a daughter Catherine , who was the new Lady Forges .

Then the castle was sold to the Marquis Lussac who sold the property, in turn, to Lathieu Pinsonneau . In 1719 , it sold the castle to Mary Magdalene Vieuville official mistress of Philippe d’Orléans. The latter led a life rich , bourgeois no tomorrow . Therefore, it fell into disrepair and was forced to sell his property . She then sold to Claude Dupin , Lord of Chenonceau and advisor to King Louis XV .

After several other propriétairesdus several repetitive sales, Forges Castle fell into the hands of Leon Chézeau which ceded finally Fernand Aubier . This took care of the restoration of the castle and is responsible for the appearance of the building today . Then, the owners sold the castle to the grandmother pitch ( first owner), Viscountess Felix Poix .

Finally, in 2007, the last owners of the Castle moved for a guesthouse known . The property can be visited and therefore , accessible to the public during Heritage Days.


Activities Château de Forges

Today guesthouse reputation , the Castle is a place where many activities can be practiced .

Customers on-site to choose between canoeing, cycling, archery or picnic along the river. If customers want to go further , the property guarantees a walk in the village. In this case , customers can choose between tennis or visit the home of beekeeping.

The house also hosts press conferences, seminars, cultural events . The property also organizes and often , customers days. Study days are also organized and professional training which can accommodate between 20 to 200 people . For cons , the Château de Forges is not open to different receptions such as weddings , birthdays or engagement .


Visit Château de Forges

The Château de Forges is registered as historical monuments. But it is not accessible to the public . For cons , the house is open to the public during Heritage Days . Also , the public can have access to the property during the various events that are organized .

Finally , customers of the guest house are the most privileged , as the guided tour of the property is reserved , in private.

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Transfer from the Château de Forges to the Paris airports

The Château de Forges is located 439 km from Paris . This destination is 421 miles from Orly Airport 462 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 526 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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