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Castle Ferrieres is located in the region of Seine-et- Marne property. It is spread over nearly 3,000 acres of land still green . This area is best known for the amazing park that enriches the castle and historically and financially . It is one of the most visited in France and the most popular castles in the region .


Description Chateau de Ferrieres

The Castle is a monument of neo -renaissance . It is especially known for its beautiful English park . The construction of the castle at the time , lasted nearly four years after the 1855 years . It has two distinct stages . It is about sixty meters sides.

The castle was built in the time of the Italian Renaissance and its architecture in the course. Throughout the ground floor is specially reserved for receiving guests. The floor is reserved for rooms that guests can enjoy the beautiful view overlooking the landscaped garden , endless. These rooms had the distinction of being equipped with bathtub money to prove their value to the guests . The choice of the decoration of the interior was inspired by the eclectic tastes of the nineteenth century. The castle consists of 28 independent rooms, all comfortably equipped with hot water , heating …. Its park spread over nearly hundred twenty-five hectares is considered to be the most beautiful park in France .


History of Castle

The area was once the castle of Fouche , Duke of Otranto. It was then sold and rebuilt in 1855. The reconstruction of the castle lasted more than four years and ended in 1859. Then, from 1862 to 1870 Napoleon occupied the premises . This part of the history of the castle is one of the most memorable she lived . This beautiful property was originally surrounded by pristine forest that has been cut later to give this magical park.

Time Castle Fouche , the house was reserved for host and house the collections of paintings and tapestries refined . When the property became Château Ferrière , the park was designed by a self-taught architect , Joseph Paxton was considered a genius at the time. The award was presented in the hands of a French Eugène Lami . Having been uninhabited , the entire property has been recognized since 2000 , historical monument. Long before that , in 1997 only a few walls and roofs have been registering as a historical monument. Historically, the castle had an opportunity to receive more visitors and brand prestige. Why the field has always been ranked among the classes of Paris monuments .


The milestones of the Castle

In 1959, the uninhabited castle has been a gift to the University of Paris for a historical monument and be a program of academic study . A foundation was then raised to the Castle , in turn , a place of contemplation and intellectual inquiry . During the 19 and 20 September 1870 is in Ferrière that runs the interview and Otto Bismark about the Franco -Prussian War .


Activities in the castle

Being a true monumental treasure, the main activity in the property is filming by professionals. Experts like rally environment rich in history of the area with original scripts of their film . Sessions taking pictures of big brands are not negligible also in the property, in the exhilarating beauty of the park " in English ." The tour that never end and do not commit an holiday seasons . Indeed , visitors were even in the midst worked. This does not happen in this area is hunting . Fans of the sport have been disappointed by the futility of this 6000-hectare park their respects.

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Transfer from the Castle of Ferrieres to Paris airports

Castle Ferrieres is located 30.6km from the city of Paris . This destination is 36.9 miles from Orly Airport 33.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 110 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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