Transfer from Castle Diant to Paris airports

Diant Castle is a building in the Seine -et-Marne , France . It is not open to the private sector , but which is a historical monument. It was built in XIIIèeme century and has been modified and rebuilt twice, in the fifteenth and nineteenth century.


Description Castle Diant

The castle was built in Diant architecture fortress. It is a royal and worthy of the name field in all these characteristics. It consists of eleven large imposing towers on their 69 meter high . These encircle the courtyard of the castle so as to leave it, not even a hint of insecurity. During the Hundred Years War , the area was severely damaged . In the eighteenth century , more than five rounds held the spot and the rest collapsed. The building was listed as a historic monument by the French Ministry of Culture , at a certain time . However, to this day , sightseeing places is still not authorized by the French State.


History of Castle Diant

It is perched on the edge of Orvanne to Diant , Seine- et-Marne. Castle Diant is one of the richest in history French properties. It was originally a royal mansion where King Louis IX and Queen Blanche stayed in the eleventh century . February 10, 1349, Philip IV of Valois is a charter signed . In 1420 , the property was restored and strengthened for the seat of Earl of Warwick . After the hundred years war , Robert Allegrain had restored the premises. In 1594 , the area supports new Henri IV seats. And in 1714, there is home to the kingdom of Louis XIV . Since then, the property has not been renovated and remained not open to private.

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Transfer from Castle Diant to Paris airports

Castle Diant is 108 km from the city of Paris . This is 90.4 km from Orly airport, 193 km from Beauvais Airport and 116 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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