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Story of the city of  Beauvais

Being a French town Beauvais is located in the department of Oise and the Picardie region. The first was in attendance Beauvais 65,000 BCE. Beauvais was once the capital of the Gallic Bellovaci. After the destruction of the city by the Romans, it became a fortified camp. The city took the name of Bellovacum. 275 to the town was invaded by barbarians. Rebuilt in the fourth century, the town adopts several walls and fortifications were built. However, the city remains open to the east by the door Châtel and to the west by the door of the Cochlea.


Tourism and visits to Beauvais

Remarkable places to discover in the area including St. Peter’s Cathedral. Although incomplete, the Cathedral with its imposing silhouette challenges and grand. High in 1225, this magnificent masterpiece is the Gothic style. The ruins of the Abbey of Saint-Lucile was erected in 585. It is protected as a historical monument. The church of St. Stephen was built in the eleventh century. It is of a mid-mid-Gothic novel. It is also a listed building monument. Apart from visiting these monuments varied, you can also explore civil constructions like Maladrerie Saint-Lazare Voisinlieu. Beyond the leper, you will have the opportunity to see the memorial, the statue of Jeanne Hachette and the museum’s collections department of the Oise.

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Transfer from Beauvais to Paris airports

Beauvais is 44 km from Cergy and 66 km from Paris. This destination is located 8 km from Paris Beauvais Airport, 74 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 103km from the airport of Orly.


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