Private transfer to Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district in Paris


History and visit the district St. Vincent de Paul in Paris area

The Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district is located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. It is the 37th administrative district of the city of Paris. The name was given in honor of Vincent de Paul and especially the presence of the church which bears the name of it.

The Church of St. Vincent de Paul moves to the place where the enclosure of Saint-Lazare. The house was home to Saint-Lazare Saint-Vincent-de-Paul church, but also the Congregation of the Mission between 1632 and 1793. It is classified as a historic monument since 30 November 1944. The Rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul was very well known for the fair of St. Lawrence. This fair has existed since 1344 and stood in the closed field of Saint-Lazare.

Since the eighteenth century, the fair was open between August 9 and September 29 of the year. It was the site of exchange traders, craftsmen, but also bourgeois. It has two stations, including Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est. The front of the Gare du Nord is characterized by its statues, columns and sculptures. The station was designed by the architect François-Alexandre Duquesney and engineer Pierre Cabanel Sermet. Renovations were made in 2007. Hospital Lariboisière which dates from the 19th century is located in this neighborhood.
In the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district are other large buildings such as the Dubois house and Colbert school.

Transfer to the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district in Paris
The Saint-Vincent-de-Paul is located at a distance of 21.3 km from Orly Airport, 25.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 86.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.



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