Private transfer to the town of Ameugny in Burgundy


History of the town of  Ameugny in Burgundy

The common Ameugny is located in the department Saône-et-Loire and the Burgundy region. The history of this destination dates back to the Gallo-Roman period. At this time, various farms shared the valley Grosne. Formerly, the name of the town was Almoniacus that is to say, the field of Almos. From the names of the village, the researchers were able to prove that the origin of this territory dates from the sixth century. Around the year 900, the village was under the authority of clan Evrard. After this date, the latter divided his land among all its descendants.


Tourism and visits to  Ameugny in Burgundy

The common Ameugny offers its tourists a variety of attractions to discover. Such is the case of Notre Dame. It was founded in reddish limestone quarries which there are in the region. This cathedral was mentioned for the first year to 1050. This is one of the few churches with a single nave vaulted broken only reinforce two arches supported by hanger broke their impact applied by pilasters along the walls of the nave. Visitors also have the privilege of discovering the secular heritage of the town which lies on the left of the first home of the seventeenth century Cormantin. Steep street and the street Raclos, tourists will notice the two fountains in the village. They have been renovated recently. Green walks on two circuits are possible with the circuit a distance of 5.5 km around the hill, and a hiking trail of 12 km from Grange Castle Cercy to Apple.

Tourists to the town have the opportunity to use our transfer service that provides movement in the city and even to Paris airports. Our car collections include: Collective Shuttle, VIP luxury cars and private cars. These vehicles are very comfortable and well equipped.


Transfer from the Paris airports to Ameugny in Burgundy

The common Ameugny is 27 km from Macon and 314 km from Paris. It is 374 km from Orly airport, 406 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 472 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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