Private transportation to Château du Clos-Lucé- Parc Léonardo da Vinci in the Loire Valley


History and visit the Château du Clos Lucé-Parc Leonardo da Vinci in the Loire Valley

Long ago, the Château du Clos-Lucé was known under the name of Manoir du Clos or Cloux. Leonardo da Vinci lived there for three years that is to say, between the year 1516 and the year 1519. At that time, he was invited by Francis. As Castle was the home of Leonardo da Vinci, he has been the subject of a registration under the historical monuments in 1862.

Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the castle was a former stronghold of Château d’Amboise. It then passes into the hands of the nuns of the Priory of Moncé. After the ruins of this building, restorations were made and thus presenting its current state.

The castle is characterized by a square tower, a gette connected to the right wing of the building by a covered walkway without forgetting the walls with windows of Gothic styles. It is located in the center of a 7-hectare park crossed by the Hoard is a tributary of the Loire. Constitutive rooms of this building are: the room of Leonardo da Vinci, kitchen, board room, the oratory of Anne of Brittany and the Chamber of Marguerite de Nazarre.

Park and Garden of Leonardo da Vinci are also a place to visit in the area. In fact, a cultural journey has been implemented. Five favorite themes of this course include light faces, beautiful body, mechanical life, techniques and insights ideal city. Garden of Leonardo da Vinci is defined as an open air museum.

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Transfer from Paris airports to the Château du Clos Lucé-Parc Leonardo da Vinci  in the Loire Valley

The Château du Clos Lucé-Parc Leornardo da Vinci is located 217 km from Orly airport, 250 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 319 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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