Private van pick up at Orly airport to quai Malaquais in Paris


History and visit the Quai Malaquais in Paris

In Paris,   the quai Malaquais  is located in the 5th district . It lies along the Seine quays between Conti and Voltaire. The name of this platform is the port Malaquest formerly Malaquaisien, or pelting Sablonnière.

In 1540, was called the quay wharf Queen Marguerite because his hotel was built at the corner of the rue de Seine. It was paved in 1669 under Louis XIV.

On this platform is the Palace of Fine Arts. Located on the rue Bonaparte, this monument houses the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. It was built by the architects Debret Duban in 1820 and in 1833. It includes two courses, one overlooking the rue Bonaparte and another on the quay Malaquais.

Still on the dock at the corner of rue Bonaparte was an old house of the seventeenth century which was born Anatole France. Jacques Anatole Thibault, son of a bookseller located on the quay Malaquais, is a writer, born 16avril 1844 in Paris and died in 1924. He lived in this house until 1853 and published several books such as: Study of Alfred de Vigny in 1868, gold in 1873 Poems and Wedding Corinthian 1876.

In this old house, George Sand also inspired one of his works Lelia. His real name Amandine Aurore Dupin Lucine, it is a woman of letters born July 1, 1804 in Paris and died on 8 June 1876 at Nohant. You can also see the hotel on the quay of Transylvania.

Transfer to the pier to Paris Malaquais
The quay Malaquais is 20 km from Orly airport, 39 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and 113 km from Beauvais Airport.


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