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History of Châteaudun

ChâteaudunIs a French commune  located in the department of Eure-et-Loir and the Centre region. The place name comes from two words, one of which Latin Castellum, and the other Gallic Dunos. Both appointments have the same meaning and refer to a fortress. The common Châteaudun had to change its name to Dun-sur-Loir for 11 months of the revolution. The city does not escape the war. Indeed, Châteaudun be attacked several times including the local lords, and in national wars, after the plague, famine and fire. During the Second World War, the town was bombed several times. Thus, several areas have been severely affected. On August 17, the city was liberated after a fierce struggle.


Tourism and visits Châteaudun

During your stay in the resort, you will have the chance to discover the castle of Saint-Gilles and Castle Châteaudun. The latter is of Gothic architecture. The fortress was founded in the twelfth century and listed as historical monuments. Religious heritages are also observed in the city including the abbey church of the Madeleine. This building dates back to the late eleventh century. See also the St. Valerian, the remains of the chapel and the chapel Champdé de la Boissiere church. You should know that the caves of Folon are exploring the city. This natural cavity dug there are millions of years undoubtedly invites to travel through time. For nature lovers, parks and gardens are built in the city. These are perfect for strolling and relaxing. You can discover the old quarters spared by the fire in the city in 1723. You can certainly observe several buildings namely Louis Esnault house built in the sixteenth century, the house and the house renaissance of the Virgin.

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Transfer from Châteaudun to Paris airports

City Châteaudun is located 37 km from Vendome and 115 km from Paris. It is 227 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 158 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 125 km from Orly Airport


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