Private van transfer from Paris CDG airport and Clermont


History of the town Clermont in Picardy

Clermont is a French commune located in the department of Oise and Picardy. The origin of the town dates back to around the tenth century. Indeed, Beaudoin Clarmonte was the first document that certifies its existence. It was written in 1023. A charter was granted emancipation to the city in 1197 under pressure from King Philip Augustus by the account of Blois and Chartres Clermont. The city was administered for 7 years by Louis IX. It gave in 1269 to his son Robert.


Tourism and visits to Clermont

Clermont has several important monuments marked by medieval times. The church of Saint-Samson date of the first quarter of the thirteenth century. It was built to replace the college of Clermont dungeon used as a church in the city once. It is Gothic and Renaissance. The tower is the oldest monument of Clermont. Indeed, this book goes back to the late eleventh early twelfth century. This building is quadrangular remains of the castle of Clermont accounts. The chapel has a simple architecture Lardiers. Nicknamed "Chapel of lime", this building was built in 1651. Nointel door is the last door of the enclosure of Clermont. It dates from the sixteenth century. Apart from visiting these monuments, you can also admire the Town Hall built in the sixteenth, and the sub-prefecture tower Buha. Other monuments are yet to see the memorial including the bust of Caesar François Cassini and the old town.

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Transfer from Clermont to Paris airports

Clermont is located 1 km from Fitz-James and 57 km from Paris. It is located 29 km from Paris Beauvais Airport, 55 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 92 km from Orly airport.


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