Shuttle Charles de Gaulle and Orly to Gare de l’Est


History and visit the Gare de l’Est in Paris
Fifth station of Paris, Gare de l’Est is located in the 10th district has made a traffic of 34 million people per year. Commissioning of the RER E diminished performance but it was restored in 2007 thanks to the TGV, whose renovation has cost 60 million euro to the station. Formerly called "Gare de Strasbourg", the Gare de l’Est is considered the largest train station in Paris.

The statue of Henri Lemaire, a legendary winemaker and French businessman is placed on top of the west wing of the station in honor of the city of Strasbourg, while the east wing was erected a sculpture contained Verdun, a work of the sculptor Henri Varenne.

The Gare de l’Est was built under the name "Pier Strasbourg" in 1849 by the Society of Paris to Strasbourg, it included two dock penetrating networks in a large hall. But the station has undergone major renovation work in 1900 and pathways no longer penetrate into the Hall.

The architect François-Alexandre Duquesney and engineer Pierre Cabanel is the author plans to build the Gare de l’Est, which was completed in 1850 and inaugurated by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte after work that had Coutes 18 million francs.

This station is known as the most beautiful station in the world through these technical qualities and its artistic presentation. A monumental painting, "The Departure of Hairy August 1914" offered by an American painter Albert Herter hung in the lobby Outline tribute to his dead son to the enemy in 1918. The painting was moved to the city of Mulhouse train for reasons of repairs and reinstalled the station in 2008.

The Gare de l’Est is listed as a historic monument since 28 December 1984.


Shuttle to Gare de l’Est in Paris
To come to the Gare de l’Est drive from the Orly Airport, must be 258 km highway in 2 hours 30 minutes.
Distance between the airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle to Gare de l’Est approximately 261 km, a journey of approximately 2 hours 35 minutes.
Gare de l’Est Paris compared to Paris Beauvais Airport is 267 km from it but you have to travel on the road for 3 hours 13 minutes to get there.

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