Shuttle Charles de Gaulle and Orly to Gare du Nord


History and visit the Gare du Nord in Paris
Ranked third largest station in the world to the importance of its traffic, the Gare du Nord which is located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris is a crossing that connects Metro, RER, TGV, train and Vélib. It is also the largest station of the six stations located in Paris and even the first in Europe as a whole.
The construction of this famous station was started in 1846 by architect and professor at the Ecole Polytechnique called Léonce Reynaud. The first line opened at that time was the Paris-Amiens-Lille. It was restored in 1860, considered modest to adopt its current form with an area of ​​36,000 m2.
North Station has 26 beautiful statues each other to symbolize the cities that the company has served as Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris and other local towns. Given that Scotland was the only country with a fairly large foundry in these times, this is where the columns of the station were made.
As a traveler without a passport has caused a riot in March 2007 after an inspection, which triggered a bad impact on the presidential campaign for one reason insecurity revived by the media at this time. The same year, in July, a man was killed after an insult to the body of the police, always the result of an identity check what went wrong. Another riot took place in the underground part because of a fight between two opposing bands, two months after the first two incidents. A CCTV was installed at the station to avoid confrontation that could turn adrift from any danger and have been reported so far
In addition, the Gare du Nord served as the backdrop for the filming of many French films. Close to Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, the station is a network transport large. January 15, 1975, the Gare du Nord was built as a monument of France.

Shuttle to Gare du Nord in Paris
Gare du Nord is located 30.1 km from Orly Airport is 35 minutes away by road. There is a distance of 22.8 km between Charles de Gaulle Airport and the Gare du Nord, a journey of 24 minutes and finally to come to the station from Paris Beauvais Airport, it would take a trip during 1 hour of 86.4 km by car.

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