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History the Conciergerie in  Paris

The Conciergerie was once a palace and a prison located on the west side of the Ile de la Cité, near the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was built by adopting the Gothic architecture that was at the time the most popular style. The concierge is not an isolated monument, it is currently part of a larger tourist attraction known as the Palais de Justice, a government building used for legal affairs. Tourists come to this place to see the prison, traces the history of France. It was in this prison that hundreds of prisoners to the guillotine waiting for the application of their sentence.

It is nowadays known as a former prison, but the concierge was originally built to be a royal palace. Its location on the west coast of the island was the throne of the kings of France in the Middle Ages between the tenth and the fourteenth century. The palace, which is also known as the Merovingian palace known renovations and extensions of the time of King Louis IX and King Philip IV. The changes made by King Louis IX is the famous Sainte-Chapelle and galleries related to this chapel. At first, the chapel was intended for royalty, then it was built in the style of the French royalty. In this time, King Philip IV created the great room and frontage along the river. The great hall of the palace was recorded as the largest hall in Europe at that time. The room could contain 2,000 employees who worked in the palace. Its unique style, known as “The Hall of armed men” still survives to this day in 64 mx 27.5 mx 8.5 m in size. Unfortunately, large windows which served to illuminate the room are now condemned.

Although the Valois kings continued to use the palace as their residence, King Charles V, who reigned in the fourteenth century decided to move the center of the throne beside the River Seine. The palace was then abandoned and used for administrative purposes. Worse, the palace was filled with glory in the past became a prison from 1831. The Concierge also held a very important role in the history of France during the Revolution, as the site of the Revolutionary Tribunal. More than 2,600 criminals and political prisoners, including the queen of France Marie-Antoinette, were detained there before being beheaded. Other important figures were condemned to die in prison such as Madame du Barry, Charlotte Corday and André Chénier.

The concierge was detached from this horrible image and was abandoned in 1914. Since that year, it served more prison and turned into a national monument. Therefore, every corner of the monument was opened to the public so that people can see and feel the history. Some parts of the building are still used by the court of Paris to this day. Today, people visit the Conciergerie for its magnificent Gothic architecture and a spacious lobby. The beautiful Royal Chapel is one of the attractions that attract the most tourists, as the façade turns to the Seine offers a pleasant and relaxing view.

Tranportation from Conciergerie to Paris airports
La Conciergerie is located 19.1 kilometers from Orly Airport, 33.3 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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