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History and visit the Church of Saint-Merri in Paris

This huge building is located in the city of Paris, specifically in the 4th district. The church now serves up a place or Catholic Christians come to express their faith. This church is a pure marvel each year attracting a mass of tourists. It is situated now near the Pompidou Center at the intersection of Rue Saint-Martin and the Rue de la glassware. Historians claim that the name Saint-Merri was taken from the name of the Holy Father Médéric who disappeared in the year 700 and still according to these historians, the abbot was buried in the Church itself after was exhumed under orders from the bishop Gozlin Paris. It was also at this time that Saint-Merri was proclaimed as the Patron Saint of the right bank.

There are about 1000 years, the worship of Father Médéric was offered in terms of our Damepar the Bishop of Paris. One hundred years later, the chapel was replaced by a larger Catholic Church officially becoming one of the "Four girls of Our Lady of Paris". It is also important to note that the Saint-Merri Church is the only one that remains until now. Many priests have succeeded, he had even been discovered that John was acting Beaupère once. After a series of repairs and renovations, the current Church of Saint-Merri was rebuilt again between 1515 and 1612, however, parts of the building as the apse, the choir, the transept had been built a few years later.

Like all other historical monuments, the church had also experienced significant damage during the wars. Indeed, it was during the eighteenth the church was completely in pieces. Fifty years later, the brothers Slodtz are applied to the restoration of the choir who had also been devastated. The whole church was later restored, the ground was covered with slabs of marble, the furniture had been judged to be very old and most of them were broken or destroyed over the years. A complete renovation of the windows had helped preserve them for longer.

The church lost its raison d’etre during the revolution, as it was mentioned in the story that served as a place of production of saltpeter. She was subsequently became a trading center for theophilanthropists. It was not until 1803 that the church back in the hands of Catholics. She later became one of the internationally recognized national heritage.

The church does not reflect traces may come from the renaissance, as it is completely Gothic Notre Dame Church. The northern facade is unique in that all its aesthetic and stone decorations are quite remarkable. It contains Dais, the arches, statues representing multiple different figures each other. Statues representing the apostles were installed in the church, as a complement to the work of sculptor Louis Desprez enthusiast., The choir of the church, one of the central parts of the church is the work of Pierre Anglart . His finishing was done in 1552. Given the immensity of the church, all parties forming the interior of the building were not made that a few years later, one after the other, the chapel for communion has been in service that in 1743. Ellea been small constant renovations until today i, but the Saint-Merri church as a whole remains a strong and durable building.

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the Saint-Merri Church in Paris is located 20.3 kilometers from Orly Airport, 34.5 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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