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History and visit the Avenue from Messina to Paris

Messine  Avenue is a street in the 8th arrondissement of the city of Paris. She travels the area of ​​Europe. It begins at the Boulevard Haussmann and ends in place in Rio de Janeiro.

Tracing the Avenue of Messine was made between the rue de Plaisance currently street in Tehéran, the Rue de Valois du Roule currently rue de Monceau and the street of Lisbon. It is built on land owned by Sylvain Mignon and Jonas Hagerman. Extension work has been done on the site of the former abattoir du Roule in 1862.

Formerly, the Avenue of Messine Avenue was reserved for the aristocracy. Hotels and buildings that lacked natural avenue. A plate that shows the presence of a lift on the front of a house proves that life was easy in this avenue. The shops were nonexistent.

The Avenue of Messine was adorned by a bronze statue of William Shakespeare. It is the work of sculptor Paul Fournier. The production of this statue was made in 1888 under William Knighton applications one British who lived in the Boulevard Haussmann. It was melted down during the Second World War and kept stationery Shakespeare.

Messine Avenue houses the French Cinematheque, the seat of the foundation CIGREF the bank Rothschild & Cie. It also has homes of famous people who lived like Alain Delon number 22 became a cultural space of the Embassy of Ukraine in the 1960s. Hotel Prince Jacques de Broglie was at number 16 this avenue.

Transfer to the Avenue of  Messena in Paris
Messine Avenue is located at a distance of 27 km from Orly Airport to 30.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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