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History of the town of Abancourt

Abancourt is a town located in the department Nord and Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. The name of the village has undergone changes over the centuries. It becomes Abundicurtis in 1139, then in 1232 Abencourt before adopting its current name Abancourt. To the 1120 years, the town was the field of fire. This was done by looters. The area was still destroyed from the same 1553 years because of a fire, even this time, the attack was carried out by the troops of King Henry II. The last fire that struck the town of Abancourt date of 1655.


Tourism and visits Abancourt

The town is home to a famous Abancourt religious building whose name is The Church of St. Martin. It is a church destroyed during the fighting in 1918. Reconstructions were made, and for about 10 years. This fortress is open to visitors who want to know some of the history of the town after the First World War. The memorial is also worth visiting. Just 1.3 km from Abancourt, tourists can continue their tour of the area while enjoying the Church of Saint-Pierre Bantigny built in the eighteenth century and still shows some remains of the early Church of the sixteenth century. Its bell tower is also remarkable. In addition, 1.5 km from Abancourt nestles the village of Blécourt. It offers sights to see including the farm of Valicourt family and porch-pigeon.

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Transfer from Abancourt to Paris airports

The common Abancourt is 7 km from Cambrai and 165 km from Paris. This destination is 196 miles from Orly airport, 159 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 158 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.


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