Shuttle transfer from CDG airport to the town of Bellefosse in Normandy



History of the city of Allouville Bellefosse in Normandy

Allouville-Bellefosse which is a French commune located in the department of Seine-Maritime and the region of Haute-Normandie. It is located in the township of Yvelot. The Allouville-bellofosse was born in 1823 by the fusion of Allouville and Bellefosse man wearing a Germanic name and the name of villa called "rural area" in French. It was named in 1210 as one aspect Bellam Fossam Latin.



Tourism and activities in the city of Allouville Bellefosse  in Normandy

The city has very Allouville Bellefosse major attractions. The stories of these places are very interesting. These remarkable sites are regularly visited by tourists. Chain Allouville Bellefosse is well known to be the oldest French chain dating from the ninth century. There is also the church of Saint-Quentin seventeenth century particularized by its bell called Medici.

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Transfer between the City of Allouville Bellefosse  in Normandy  and Paris airports

The Allouville-Bellefosse is a town located 29 kilometers south-east of Fecamp and 145 kilometers from Paris. It is located about 184 kilometers from Orly Airport, 150 km from Beauvais Tille Airport and about 189 km from the airport of Charles de Gaulle.


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