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History and visit the Arcola Street in Paris

In the fourth arrondissement of Paris, of Arcola Street crosses the Île de la Cité starting from Arcola to join Parvis Notre-Dame and the Pont au Double. Unification in the early nineteenth century the street from Saint-Pierre-aux-Oxen and the Bedside St. Landry, St. Arcola is both high and wide.

Rue Saint-Pierre-aux-Oxen church St. Landry it was near a market butcher established. It was moved to the vicinity of Châtelet in the twelfth century. After its demolition to make way for a house today at No. 15, the portal becomes the side door of the church Saint-Séverin.

The second street took its name from a church, built in 1477. It was in this church that were transported mock Saint Landry when Paris was under the supervision of the Vikings. The apse of the church is right at the entrance. There was the beautiful tomb of the wife of Girardon, the tomb of Pierre Broussel and the family Boucherat. Broussel house is still visible on the rue Saint-Landry. This revolutionary lived there until his arrest Aug. 26, 1648.

Broussel’s arrest marks the beginning of the uprising which led to the abdication of Louis XIV and the demolition of the church of St. Landry in 1790. Was found in the foundations of the church, human bones showing a battle of the place and the ruins of the triumphal monument built in 383 in honor of the victory against the tyrant Maximus Gratien. More specifically, the ruins were housed in a large wall that protected the city as a whole.

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Arcola Street is located 17.9 km from Orly airport, 33.1 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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