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History and visit the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris
Located in the 10th arrondissement , north of rue Bichat Claude- Vellefaux Avenue in the Ile de France, Saint- Louis Hospital is currently classified as a historical monument. Pavilions, buildings and chapel all benefit from protection. The construction came under the orders of King Henry IV of France . At that time, the Hôtel-Dieu was filled with people carrying the plague , the hospital was no longer enough to accommodate them. In 1270 , the grandfather of the king died of the plague in Tunis. Following this tragic news , Henri IV decided to give the name of the deceased to the new hospital .

In 1980, the historic rooms were completely renovated and all the buildings were also modernized. Currently , the local administrative offices are located in which the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU ) which make teaching and various gatherings . The Hospital of St. Louis specializes in all diseases related to skin , blood and the cancer. All staff currently stands at 2,500 people .

The construction began around the seventeenth century, following the decision of Henri IV May 17, 1607 , as the plague raged in 1562, 1596 and 1606. Initially, the building was not just a hospital, but only a place where the sick had to stay so as not to contaminate the rest of the population. For this reason it was established outside the door of the Temple at the corner of rue du Lent and taking the road of St. Maur, Meaux and Belleville. The epidemic is spreading at a considerable speed and sick became more and more numerous, then the construction should be done as quickly as possible. It was the architect Claude Vellefaux who then drew up plans for the building, but it was Antoine Le Mercier, who was the head of the work. July 13, 1607, the king laid the foundation stone and work began .

The hospital also has a chapel for the king was a great devotee of the Catholic church. When King Henry IV of France died May 14, 1610 , Mass was celebrated in the chapel of the Hospital. Two years later , in 1612, the building then touched to an end. At that time, the building was considered not as a hospital, but as a " house of health ". The Hospital of St. Louis began to receive its first patients in 1616 and this practice lasted for over thirty years. However, there were times in history when the hospital was used for other purposes. Indeed, it was used for storage for wheat between 1731 until 1740 , then in 1749 it became a refuge for the homeless of Paris . The hospital found its main functions in 1773 , the year in which God Hotel went up in smoke. There was more , then space for patients , except in the Hospital of St. Louis. During the French Revolution, the building had served as a hospice and it was only November 27, 1801 it became a hospital again , but this time , specializing in dermatology. The first school to dermatological born within the walls of the Saint- Louis Hospital. The hospital did not stop to grow to become today the most important of all hospitals in the city of Paris .

Shuttle transfer to Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris
Hospital Saint- Louis is located 25.7 km from Orly Airport , 31 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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