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History and visit to Paris of the ancient abbey of Port-Royal
The site on which stood the abbey of Port Royal is located in the Chevreuse Valley, in the south-western part of Paris, in the town of Magny-les-Hamlets. It was on this site that took place for special events in the life of the Abbey of Port-Royal. If we go back in history, the construction of the abbey dates from 1204 and lasted four years. This monastery was born thanks to the tireless work of Mathilde of Garland. The latter had close relatives in the French and English royal court. Although it had the support of his knowledge, the funding came mostly from her husband Matthew Marly who died during the Fourth Crusade.

It was the first women’s abbey, she named it "Porrois." This name after the registration had wild leeks that were around the abbey. Indeed, it was in the depths of the forest. At the time of construction, Mathilde did establish a chapel dedicated to Lawrence of Rome. The monastery changed subsequently, by name, as it became more and more famous among clerics and French royalty, hence the name "Port Royal."

Because of his youth and lack of experience, the abbey was not completely independent in the beginning, the staff of the nearby abbey came there regularly to lead the monastery. Later, in 1214, the abbess Ermberge was chosen and finally the abbey gained its independence, however, the small company had only ten priors. However, Pope Honorius gave his agreement for the opportunity to celebrate mass.

The Marquise de Sevigne was soon to give a nickname to Port Royal and it was "terrible wilderness." Indeed, the monastery isolated himself from the rest of society, it was far from the village, there was no way influenced by the temptations from outside. Those who wanted to find solitude liked it a lot, because all services were outside.
None of the buildings had floor, only those who wore the bell was raised, it was completed in 1229. It was Robert de Luzarches who was the head of the construction. The Church, Gothic, took the form of a Latin cross, equipped with a square base. Dovecote dating from the thirteenth century, which was not far from the Church still has visible remains, even now. Adjustments were made in the sixteenth century, the church was fully repaired at the time of the abbess Jeanne II. Before disappearing, it should be noted that Port Royal was one of the richest abbeys in Paris during his time. These are agricultural and forestry holdings nuns who were the cause.

The Hundred Years’ War accelerated the process of decline of the abbey and the latter had faced many critics until the day when the Abbess Angelique Arnauld said the monastery in hand well before its destruction, the monastery became famous and many are those that were praise for the intellectuals who lived there. The abbey was reversed around the XVIII century following the decision of Louis XIV. Much remains of Port Royal has securities monuments to other parts in ruins, they were classified only on 10 October 2008.

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The former abbey of Port-Royal is 15 km from Orly Airport, 35 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 97 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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