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The Royal Palace is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. It is located a few meters from the Louvre Museum and the Avenue de l’Opera. The Royal Palace is currently building where were placed the Council of State, the Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture.


Description Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a vast area with a garden, galleries and a theater. The Royal Palace is characterized by a large house, with a dining room and a ceremony. It also contains a large firm that was used to accommodate persons of high authority. Also, are there small apartments as well as the governor of the Duchess of Orleans. In the garden there are 180 separated by Corinthian pilasters lamps lit by 188 arcades. At the southwest corner of the palace stands the "Comédie Francaise ." An arched passageway connects the courtyard to the Place Colette. Royal palace also houses the peristyle and Montpensier and flag the flag of Valois.


History of the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a remarkable building that was built by Richelieu throughout the 1628 years. It was the beginning of Rambouillet Hotel Richelieu bought and decided to demolish it to build the palace. The work was undertaken by the architect Jacques Lemercier. He gave her the name of the palace Cardinal and it is in the possession of the regent Anne of Austria, the castle is the name of the Royal Castle. At the time of the Regency, the governor collects a remarkable number of tables. He was able to gather more than five hundred prestigious works. The gallery was sold by Philip Equality in 1788. In 1763, the Royal Palace was burned and looted on a large part of the building. The Duke of Orleans ordered the reconstruction of the palace whose inauguration was held in 1777. Then he was again encendié in 1781. In 1814, the castle was taken into the hands of Orleans and was put at the disposal of King Jerome under the Second Empire. From the 1871 years, the palace was assigned to various embassies of the state. Between 1780 and 1830 years, the Royal Palace was a place where all the distractions that can be found in a city like Paris and can be found in the Royal Palace shows, restaurants and cafes, shops, but also the games.


The events marking the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace became the palace of Orleans when he was the subject of donation in 1692 to the name of Mr. Philippe d’Orléans. In 1780, the future Philippe Equality decided to organize a major redevelopment was designed by architect Victor Louis. These changes made the palace for many years a place hobby for wealthy Parisians and most depraved, including playrooms catering and more. It was only towards the end of the 1836 years that this activity has been closed. It is since 1799 that the revolutionary legend of the Comédie-French began with the establishment of the Royal Opera House in the palace by Lully. In 1986, the establishment of the two plates of Daniel Buren in the courtyard is a milestone the Royal Palace. Many films have been shot in the Royal Palace, the most recent date in the year 2013 with the title Alias ​​Caracalla Alain Tasma.


Visit the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a place that marks the history of France and Parisian life. It offers visitors an exhibition of modern art such as two trays, 260 Buren columns which are well known. You could also stroll under the arcades enjoying a pleasant visit in major fashion boutiques.

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Transfer from the Royal Palace to  Paris airports

The Royal Palace is 20.6 miles from Orly Airport, 86.9 miles from Beauvais Tille Airport and 26.5 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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