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History and visit the Jardin du Champ de Mars in Paris
Le Jardin du Champ de Mars is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, between the Eiffel Tower and the Military Academy. This is one of the largest public gardens in the capital with an area of ​​24.5 hectares. Established in 1908, it takes its name from the Roman god of war Mars and the Champ de Mars in ancient Rome. Available day and night, the garden attracts many tourists throughout the year. The site is served by the line 8 of the Ecole Militaire Metro station and the RER line C Field of Mars-Tour Eiffel.

Before the Revolution, a vegetable crops occupied the present site of the Garden of the Champ de Mars. In 1765, the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel built the Military Academy. Market gardening was transformed into fields of action for the army. About ten thousand men were able to store it in battle. The plaza was surrounded by beautiful wrought iron. The leaders of the time were drawn to the scene and used it for large celebrations.

During the Revolution, he was called the Champ de la Federation and later changed in the Champ-de-la-Reunion. He witnessed major events during this period. July 14, 1790, he hosted the Festival of the Federation, which brings together about three hundred thousand spectators. The ceremony was led by Bishop Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord with the assistance of three hundred priests and several choirboys. July 17, 1791, there was a great slaughter called Shootout Champ de Mars made fifty dead and hundreds injured. Jean Sylvain Bailly was guillotined here two years later following the story of shooting. The Feast of the Supreme Being, chaired by Maximilien Robespierre, was celebrated June 8, 1794. During the Board, parties unimportant stood on the Champ de Mars as the party of old age, the feast of Agriculture … To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Republic in 1796, races on horseback, on foot , battles, jousts were held there. The location was chosen for the announcement of the additional act to the constitutions of the Empire 1 May 1815 or the wedding banquet of the Duke of Orleans in 1837 and for the feast of the Concorde in 1848.

During the nineteenth century, many international exhibitions were held at the Champ de Mars, such as the Universal Exhibitions of 1867, 1878, 1889 and 1900. The outbreak of the First World War put an end to these cultural events. It was not until 1937 that a new universal exhibition was presented here.

Le Jardin du Champ de Mars is decorated with numerous statues and monuments such as the bust of Gustave Eiffel, created in 1927 by Antoine Bourdelle, the bust of General Gustave Ferrie, conceived in 1933 by Sicard, the statue of Marshal Joffre, the work of Maxime Real Del Sarte in 1939, the monument of Human Rights in 1989 … The garden has two playgrounds for children, two small basketball courts and football fields, a puppet theater, a kiosk music, a space to walk on the ponies. The lawns have allowed hundreds of thousands of people attend arts concerts on giant screens as the Johnny Hallyday in 2000.

Transfer the Jardin du Champ de Mars in Paris airports

Le Jardin du Champ de Mars is located 24.3 kilometers from Orly Airport, 30.6 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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