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History and visit the Rue Villehardouin in Paris

Villehardouin street is a highway that is located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. It is a street with a particular morphology since starting the rue de Saint-Gilles (the tenant), it forms a bend to the east to reach the rue de Turenne. Villehardouin Street is a street in the neighborhood of the Archives.

At No. 24 rue Saint-Gilles Street Villehardouin begins and ends at No. 56 rue de Turenne. The rue Villehardouin, having received its name after the publication of a decree in October 1865, is 157 meters long. It has a width of 10 meters. The site that is the rue Villehardouin is served by the metro station "Green Path".

Formerly part of the rue Villehardouin which led from east to west became known as the Twelve Gates. It was this same portion which bore the name of Rue Saint-Nicolas, referring to Jay Nicolas who disposed of several buildings in the wake of the 17th century. A portion of the rue Villehardouin, from south to north, was part of the ancient Rue Saint-Pierre.

The Twelve Doors street joined the Rue Saint-Pierre in 1565 to form the current rue Villehardouin. Villehardouin street was named after the famous chronicler Villehardouin who lived around 12th and 13th century emme. This street does not have enough sites. The abbot of Cajamano friend of General Malet, occupied the third floor of a building located at No. 2, which was found dead Villehardouin at No. 6 rue Villehardouin.

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Villehardouin Street is located 18.2 km from Orly airport, 27.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.1 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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