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History of the twon of Amance

Amance is a French town which is located in the Aube and the Champagne-Ardenne region. Amance was delivered for the first time in history in the twelfth century at the time of the Templars. Before the Second World War, the town still housed several pottery and tile which today remain two brick, tile and two one pottery.


Tourism and activities Amance

Amance is a remarkable town that has some very interesting sights. It covers great places to go out and your hobbies. You may start your tour to discover the parish church of St. Martin dating from the twelfth century. Rehabilitations were made to the church during the sixteenth and the nineteenth century. It was built according to a plan that stretched the nave has a single ship. It is characterized by a pentagonal apse and a gatehouse.

You also have the Church of the Assumption to explore. Referred to as the slab funeral of Antoine de Mertrus, it was built between the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It houses many tombstones dating back several years of Rochetaillee Nicolas and his wife as well as Antoine de Mertrus, Gaspard de Pons and his wife.

To complete your visit to Amance, enjoy a stroll in the Regional Natural Park of the Orient Forest. So you could walk along the three major lakes Amance including: Amance Lake, Lake Temple and the East Lake. In addition, the amusement park Nigloland be perfect to make you happy and enjoy countless activities it offers.

Our company transfer offers tourists the city of Amance for transfer services in the city and close to it. We present in this case three kinds of comfortable and well-equipped cars. They include collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car.


Amance to transfer from Paris airports

Amance is located 10 miles northeast of Nancy and 290 km from Paris. It is located 241 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 380 km from Orly Airport and 453 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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