Shuttle transportation from Sèvres to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport


History and business to Sèvres

The name of the city has undergone many changes over the centuries. Different names which include Sauara she wore, Savara Savra, weaned and Separa. The history of the city dates back to the Neolithic. This version is attested by the discovery of flint exploitation in the region. The Gallo-Roman period also marked the history of Sèvres. In fact, the first written mention of the name of the destination from the year 558 in a charter of Childebert. The city was very destroyed during the Norman invasions. In the Middle Ages, Sèvres was under the authority of the lords of lords such Books and Longueil Célestins. The development of the city was characterized by the establishment of the industry laundry and commissioning of two railways between 1839 and 1842. Large industries also settled in the town just after the Second World War.


Tourism and visits Sèvres

The town of Sèvres covers various tourist and historical sites. However, tourists have the opportunity to visit them during their trip to this destination. The Church of Saint-Romain is one of the remarkable sites of the city. This building was built in the twelfth century and rebuilt in the nineteenth century. It has been the subject of a registration under the historical monuments in 1937. The Town Hall is also part of places to explore. It is also known as the Hotel Courchamps. Other sites to visit in the town of Sèvres is Monument to Gambetta, Gare du Pont de Sevres, home Jardies, Domaine national de Saint-Cloud and the Armenian College.

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Transfer from Sèvres to Paris airports

The city of Sevres is located 3 km from Saint-Cloud and 10 km from Paris. It is 15.4 km from Orly airport, 37.6 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 94.5 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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