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History and tour of the hotel in Paris Guénégaud

The hotel Guénégaud is on rue des Archives in the region of Ile de France. It is located in the 3rd district of the French capital. It is the work of architect François Mansart. It was made for Count Henri de Montbrison Guénégaud. It was the Marquis de Plancy but also the secretary of the king, a government adviser and a master account. Construction of the hotel were made from 1651 to 1655.Il is listed as a historic monument since 15 June 1962. It is also known as the Museum of Nature and Hunting.

The hotel is part Guénégaud works by François Mansart that still exist. Today, it hosts the headquarters of the foundation of the house and the Nature Hunt, but also a private club that has the same name. The architecture of this building respects the style hotels Paris in the 17th century. It has a main body with two wings, a building that opens onto the street, a courtyard and a French-style garden. The hotel is built on two levels with large glass windows. The entire hotel is characterized by great simplicity. The staircase of the hotel still exists today.

The hotel Guénégaud becomes the property of Finance Jean Romanet in 1703. Renovations and changes have been undertaken by the latter from the acquisition of the hotel. But, it becomes the property of the family Thiroux in the mid-17th century until 1895. The establishment of shops in the building led to its degradation. He was threatened with demolition in 1959 because of its unsanitary. In addition, the last owner of the hotel wanted to monetize the field by destroying the hotel. Restorations were made to the hotel through the project to save the Minister of Culture André Malraux. The city of Paris bought the hotel and leased to the foundation of the house and nature Hunting. The restoration of the hotel began in 1962. The opening of the museum was completed in February 1967. Access to the museum was reserved for club members. It is accessible to the general public since 2007 Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 18 hours. The entrance fee ranges from 4.50 to 6 euros, but is free for people under 18, disabled, journalists, artists, art critics and teachers. It is served by metro stations, the Daughters of Calvary metro and metro Arts et Metiers.

The initial characters of the hotel were maintained except that the rooms have been enlarged. The layout of the hotel gave the hotel the appearance of a surprising art gallery. Since its opening, the museum continues to exhibit contemporary art from known as Saksik Laurent, Marc Couturier or artist Karen Knorr. The permanent collections are skeletons of wolves, owls, deer or wild boar. It provides the link between the environment and humans. It outlines the history of hunting. Videos showing the lives of animals in their natural environment, fingerprints obtained from molds or even excrement is also visible in the museum.

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The hotel Guénégaud is at a distance of 17.3 km from Orly Airport, 30.3 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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