Shuttle trip from Charles de Gaulle airport to Acqueville


History of the town of Acqueville in Normandy

Acqueville is located in the department of Calvados and Basse-Normandie region. The city is a destination Acqueville whose history has been marked in medieval times. Etymologically, the name of the city comes from a rural area with a toponym medieval city. Acque from a first element which is the Scandinavian anthroponym AgI. Also, before this area was known as the Farm Agi. Various changes have been made on behalf of the city over the centuries, in fact, about the year 1204, it bore the name Akevilla.


Tourism and visits Acqueville

The city is home to two of Acqueville remarkable historical monuments. The Château de la Motte is a building ideal for a guided tour. It was built between the sixteenth century and the seventeenth century. Rearrangements have been made to this village to the fourth quarter of the seventeenth century. Besides this, tourists are invited to admire the Church of Saint-Aubin. This fortress was built in the thirteenth century. It houses many artifacts that still mark the rich history of this destination. After discovering these two sites, visitors have the opportunity to go to the fifteenth century Manor and Farm Courfontaine eighteenth century.

To explore the city Acqueville, tourists are encouraged to use a transfer service allowing them to move freely in and around the region. To do this, we offer three types of car choices collective shuttle, luxury cars and VIP private car. A serious driver will accompany you throughout the trip.


Acqueville to transfer from Paris airports

The city of Acqueville is 70 km from Le Havre and 198 km from Paris. This destination is 270 km from Orly airport, 275 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 280 km from Beauvais Airport.


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