Taxi van to the column Austerlitz in place Vendome in Paris


History and visit the Column of Austerlitz in place Vendome in Paris
The Austerlitz column dominates the center of the first district of Paris on the Place Vendome in the Louvre area. Officially, it now bears the name column of the Grand Army, but since it has changed its name several times, it is sometimes called Austerlitz Column Vendome Column and generally because of the place where it found. The column is a magnificent stone sculpture, covered with bronze plaques showing scenes of battles almost 45 m surmounted by a monumental statue of Napoleon. If today it seems to have found its place quietly on one of the most beautiful places in the world, its history was less peaceful. It is possible to visit the column from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 19 pm. Stations closest metro stations are: Tuileries Madeleine and Opera. For cycling enthusiasts, this is the Velib station ‘Saint Honore Vendome which is closest.

Column of Austerlitz was the first name that it was given to its construction in 1810. It was intended to honor the victory of Napoleon to the battle of Austerlitz, which lasted 3 months. The idea of ​​a column in this place was before that battle. Already at the time of Louis XIV, there were in the same place a statue of him on a horse in all its splendor. The location was so highly symbolic. Originally, it had to be a departmental column dedicated to the brave men of the region by a royal decree of 1800. The work was then started in July 1800, under the sponsorship of the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, but they dragged. The plans of the column largely inspired another column located in Rome, erected in honor of Trajan. Above column Paris had to find a statue of Charlemagne. The work, though still not advanced and remained stalled until the day five years after the Battle of Austerlitz, Vivant Denon was able to convince Napoleon to continue building and put atop a statue that represented.

The column was composed of 425 bronze plaques wound on drums 98 stone. The plates are placed end to end 280 m. It was said that the plates were forged from 1200 cannons captured after the battle of Austerlitz. Given the historical data, it appears that it is impossible that these guns come only defeats Russian and Austrian armies that do not last count more than 130 guns. The base of the column, meanwhile, is made of granite, in which there is a door to access the stairs up to the top. It is often referred to as the holder of the French flag. The column has experienced significant events since its construction. First, the statue of Napoleon was removed in 1814 and replaced by a white flag. In 1833, another statue of Napoleon found a place, but it was removed to preserve in 1863. Instead, a replica of the first effigy was created by August Dumont with some differences. Instead of the sword and the world of victory that Napoleon held her was inverted. Finally, it was demolished in 1871 by a decree of the Paris Commune and finally rebuilt in 1873.

Taxi van to the column Austerlitz Paris in place Vendome
Column of Austerlitz is 17 km from Orly Airport, 28.8 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 86.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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