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History and activities Sartrouville

The city name comes from the Latin meaning Sartoris villa pioneer’s house or villa of sartorum which means the village winemakers. The city lies on the banks of the Seine. The history of the city during that takes the time to the Middle Ages when the Templars had various houses grouped around the church of Saint-Martin. For centuries, the city was composed of two distinct fiefs which is under the authority of the Benedictines and the Vaudoire. At the time of the revolution, they were merged to form the city of Sartrouville. Successive occupations marking the city are the British troops, the Russians and Prussians. To the twentieth century, the railroad was located in Sartrouville. Development it begins in the release.



Tourism and visits Sartrouville

Many tourist and historical sites are found in the city of Sartrouville, bringing tourists to travel in this tourist destination. The Church of St. Martin is a religious monument important to this region, but was ravaged during the war. It dates back to the eleventh century. The Hundred Years’ War the building was demolished, now, this church was replaced by the museum of traditions and crafts sartrouvillois. Leon Fontaine La Fontaine is also a marvel to see in the city. This fountain was built between 1893 and 1895. Other sites to see in the city involve the Monument of the War of 1870, the City Hall and Fountain Morillons.

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Transfer from the Paris airports to Sartrouville

City Sartrouville is 6 km from Argenteuil and 15 km from the city of Paris. This destination is 28.2 km from Orly airport, 24.2 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 81.5 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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