Transfer by shuttle taxi to the gardens of the Champ de Mars in Paris


History and visit the gardens of the Champ de Mars in Paris
The gardens of the Champ- de-Mars is the largest public gardens that are open in Paris in the 7th district . Between the military school southeast and the Eiffel Tower to the northwest , this public garden covers 24.5 ha . Rich two hundred years of history, the Champ- de- Mars is , throughout the year , the happiness of Parisian walkers and tourists with a wide range of activities . This charming place is known for hosting the Festival of the Federation 14 July 1790 and to witness the shooting of the Champ de Mars on 17 July 1791. Jean Sylvain Bailly was guillotined here November 12, 1793 . It celebrated the feast of the Supreme Being , 8 June of the following year . In the center of the square stood the altar of the Fatherland .

Before the Revolution, the Champ de Mars was a plain devoted to this crop . It was not until the construction of a military school in 1765 to see the birth of the project to create the room for maneuver . The choice of the creation of the plaza to the north led to the construction of the beautiful facade . Thereafter, on the left bank , the island became part of the bridge Swans Swan . During the Revolution , the Champ- de-Mars took the name of Champ de la Federation , and the Champ- de-la- Reunion. September 20 , 1790, the garden hosted the funeral on the shooting of Nancy August 31, 1790. A massacre in which André Desiles lost his life .

On July 17, 1791 Champ- de-Mars witnessed a massacre that led to the death of 50 demonstrators. July 15 , 1791, the petition of the Cordeliers was brought on the altar of homeland. A crowd rushed them to sign it massively . It was written in order to nullify the decrees of 15 and 16 July, which the king restore all its rights. Out of fear , the Constituent Assembly gave the order to disperse the crowd. Jean Sylvain Dailly , Mayor of Paris , then declared martial law while La Fayette tried in vain to convince the protesters to disperse . A cavalry charge was dispatched to disperse the crowd with gunfire . The massacre only aggravated the discord between popular movement , republican and monarchist . The sans-culottes vowed , for their part, a hatred Bailly .

On June 8 , 1794, Jacques -Louis David organized the celebration of the Supreme Being at the Champ de Mars to mark the climax of the French Revolution. On this occasion, an artificial rock on top of which stood the tree of Liberty symbolized the unity and collective commitment to the Revolution. The party was chaired by Maximilien de Robespierre. Under the Directory , other smaller parties were held at the Champ de Mars , the 9th of Thermidor , the feast of old age, the feast of Agriculture, etc. . On December 30, 1793, the feast of Victories in honor of the capture of Toulon is organized . September 22 , 1796, the garden has hosted the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Republic. These celebrations were accompanied by various activities such as shopping and leisure walking, chariots , horse , struggles and orchestral events . Under the Empire , December 3, 1804 , the day of his coronation , Napoleon was at the Champ de Mars, the distribution of eagles. On 1 May 1815 , the garden has received the proclamation of additional constitutions of the Empire Act .

Transfer by shuttle taxi to the gardens of the Champ de Mars in Paris
The gardens of the Champ- de- Mars is located 20.9 km from Orly Airport , 32.1 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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