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History and visit René Viviani square in Paris
Located in France, in the city of Taken, the René Viviani square is located in the 5th arrondissement. Built in 1928, the Square covers an area of ​​0.4265 ha. It also locates between the Seine in the northern part and the Church of Saint-Julien-le-poor in the south. The name of the square comes from the name of a French politician lawyer named René Viviani. The latter was formerly deputy 5th district around the nineteenth century. Later, he became the first Minister of Labour, he was also the inventor of the income tax. He died in 1925.

In the square, one can find a Black Locust, it was planted in 1601 through the botanist Jean Robin. It is the latter which was also introduced this species in France at that time. At a height of 11 m and a circumference of 3.85 m, this tree is considered the oldest of the city. There is also a fountain made of bronze, it was developed by Georges Jeanclos. This fountain had taken the place of the old Wallace fountain. This fountain was sculpted in a special way, because somehow she told the adventures of Saint Julien le Pauvre. On the body of the book, there are representations evoking hunting, forest, various human relationships from love, tenderness and compassion. This fountain is a true masterpiece that deserves to be well preserved.

There is also a monument in the square which was built to remember the time of the deportation where young 5th district were killed in concentration camps. The René Viviani square also houses a well dating from the twelfth century, the remnants of balustrades and pinnacles. Because of all these remains, the René Viviani square is the oldest place in the 5th arrondissement. Currently, the tree is so old that in order to preserve a concrete foundation was made to help him recover. The final size of the tree was made in 2011, half of June. Although the tree had not received as a historic monument, it remains under the supervision of municipal gardeners.

The square was accessible to the public in 1928. He took the old location of the Annex Hotel Dieu and the place houses the street from the Bûcherie, the latter having been razed following the decree deciding the construction of squares. The main founder of this square was Councillor Leon Riotor. He spoke about his plans to governments and district wise and all agreed to build. The square also represents a strategic advantage because it helped to preserve the view of the Church of Saint-Julien the Poor as well as Notre Dame. This square contains much of the history of Saint-Julien, but also of the city of Paris. The Square officially became a monument there forty years of it now. Circular benches for tourists and visitors are placed around the Square so that the public can rest, the tree is also a source of shade, making the opportunity to relax peacefully around, and also in the square in whole.

Transfer by shuttle taxi to René Viviani square in Paris

The square is René Viviani to19 km from Orly airport is at 33 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 20 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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