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History and visit the Hotel de Beauvais to Paris
The Hotel de Beauvais is one of the most famous mansions in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. It is located at 68 rue Francois Miron in the Marais district. It was built in 1655 by architect Antoine Le Pautre at the request of the lady of honor to Anne of Austria, Catherine Henriette Bellier. In 1966, he was classified as historical monuments. He currently serves as the seat of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris.

Foundations of Beauvais hotel based on the location of a medieval house that belonged to Eloise Palaiseau. In the thirteenth century, donated the house to the abbey of Chaalis which replaced some time later by a townhouse. It changed ownership over the years. It was owned by the wife of the superintendent of finances, Nicolas Fouquet in the seventeenth century. The house was bought by Pierre de Beauvais March 30, 1654. With the acquisition of an adjoining house, he made an enlargement of the house. The following year, the town house gave way to the construction of a prestigious mansion. The wife of Pierre de Beauvais, Catherine Henriette Bellierfit called on architect Antoine Le Pautre to build the building. The construction of the hotel was a gesture of thanks for services rendered. Indeed, the Borgnesse Cateau, nickname Catherine Bellierfut very close to Queen Anne of Austria. At the time she took care of her and gave him several services like losing virginity of the young Louis XIV ordered by the queen.

The Pautre showed a very great ingenuity to build the hotel, because the surface was narrow and crooked. He adopted the Grand Style French seventeenth century to the facade, consisting of large rectangular openings and quoins and stone-walls with modest decorations. The balcony was decorated with vases of flowers and fruits. The Pautre raised a double house, which opened onto the street and the courtyard. To comply with this tradition that a hotel must have been built between courtyard and garden, he built the first floor a small garden, with a pond and fountain, a grotto and an aviary and yard stables designed to eighteen horses and chapel dome topped by a square whose facade was shaped as a facade sham. It served as an element of symmetry to the front right. The outer vestibule was a symbol of bravery of the architect. In fact, it was built on eight Doric columns topped by a frieze of triglyphs and metopes, decorated with the initials of the founders PCHB for Pierre Catherine Henriette Bellier Beauvais. The Pautre managed to place inside the hotel a beautiful stone staircase with a ramp and openwork tracery preceded by Corinthian columns, adorned with remarkable sculptures of trophies, children, sphinxes, the eagles …

Opened August 26, 1660, Queen Anne of Austria and the Queen of England, Mazarin and Turenne were the balcony of the Hotel de Beauvais to honor the entrance of Louis XIV and Marie-Therese his wife for the presentation the latter to the Parisians. The Hotel de Beauvais experienced architectural changes during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. After restoration, it houses the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris since 2004. The hotel attracted many filmmakers. He appeared in several movies like The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Philip Kaufman.

Transfer from mansion Beauvais to Paris airports
The Hotel de Beauvais is located 18.3 kilometers from Orly Airport, 32.6 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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