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The Picasso museum is housed in the Hôtel Salé 3rd arrondissement of Paris. It is located on the Rue de Thorigny. It is a national museum dedicated to the works and life of famous artist Pablo Picasso as well as artists who are with him. The opening of the museum was completed in 1985. It presents and preserves over  5000 works. There were 249,775 visitors in 2009. The museum is served by the station Saint-Paul metro, the RER Chatelet and Les Halles and several bus lines including 29, 69, 75 and 96. It is accessible to people with disabilities.

The Hotel Salé the Picasso Museum since its opening. This hotel is one of the most extraordinary mansions of the Marais. The land where the building was purchased by the lord Pierre Aubert de Fontenay to Religious Hospitallers of St. Gervais. The construction of the facility was provided by the architect Jean Boullier from between 1656 and 1659. The ornamentation of the staircase including sculpture was made by Gaspard and Balthazar and martin Desjardins. The hotel features a courtyard surrounded by a garden. The name of the hotel and was given in memory of the origin of the wealth of its owner who was to collect the tax on salt. Pierre Aubert became the owner of the buildings around the street Vielles Temple in 1660. The hotel was in ruins and its assets were seized in 1663. It became from the late 17th century, the seat of various organizations, including the Embassy of the Republic of Venice, the Central School of Arts and Manufactures and institution for young people. During the transformation of the hotel in central school of arts and manufactures, various work arrangement have been made to the building. The city of Paris bought it in 1964. Restorations were carried out inside the hotel to give it its origins dimensions between 1974 and 1984. It is classified as a historic monument since 29 October 1968. Roland Simounet is appointed following a competition to house the museum in the hotel in 1976. The furniture and decorative elements were created by Diego Giacometti.

The Picasso museum has a hall opening onto a courtyard in the form of a semicircle. It is equipped with low wings topped by a flat roof topped by a row of stone balusters. The small courtyard once receiving kitchens and stables. Thus, a corridor joined the main building and the kitchen. The main facade of the building is formed by a floor and an attic. The building has two front building, the first is composed of three sections topped by a pediment while the second is composed of a central part. The museum has a large collection in paintings, sculptures, collages, prints, drawings and manuscripts. The museum’s collections include the personal works of Picasso, friends and artists he admired. The museum’s collections do not stop to grow with donations. The enlargement and modification work is underway since September 2011. Thus, it is closed to the public until the end of 2013. The work is done by Jean François Bodin and Stephane Thouin.


Transfer to the Picasso Museum in Paris
The Picasso Museum is located at a distance of 23.9 km from Orly Airport, 27.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 95.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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