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History and visit the Rue du Petit Musc in Paris

Rue du Petit Musc in Paris in the fourth district. This street, which served as a place of rendezvous for prostitutes was first called to Muce whore. It connects the rue Saint-Antoine Quay Celestine. Celestine there a convent was built in 1352 after the donation of land by Marcel Garnier provost there was also buried. It is in 1366 that Charles V built a monastery and a church. His statue and that of his wife decorating also took it. Later the Duke of Orleans, a son of Charles V added a chapel where he and his family were buried. Two other chapels were assistants and by Rostaing Gesvres.

All these constructions made over its history gave the place an architecture and eclectic art. Moult personalities are buried in this place and several works of art as well as sculptures and engravings of paintings there. In the chapel to quote the most famous tomb of the Duke of Orleans, where the twelve apostles are carved column Paul Ponce carrying the urn of François II and his heart is there, the work of Barthelemy Prieur adorned the urn containing the heart of Anne de Montmorency, an obelisk by François Anguier contained carved trophies filled the hearts of princes de Longueville.

A bronze urn with the heart of Henry II, Charles IX and François Duc d’Anjou was worn by the Three Graces masterpiece Germain Pilon. In the church there were the tombs of Lusignan, the Duchess of Bedford the daughter of John the Fearless, wife of Charles V and still many lords and ladies. Seventeenth cloister was even more beautiful decorated on all sides with sculptures, mosaics and other.

In 1780 the Célestins were removed and the building became a hospital, and in 1792 he returned to the army. The church and other buildings were destroyed. It remains today little evidence of this monastery and its buildings.

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Rue du Petit Musc is 19 km from Orly airport, 37 km from CDG Airport, 99 km from Beauvais Airport


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