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History and visit the Rue du Parc Royal in Paris

Rue du Parc-Royal is a highway in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Until 1563, this street was part of the street Thorigny. Portion uniting these two streets was opened above the ruins of the famous Hotel Barbette. Later, rue du Parc-Royal was detached from the street and formed a street Thorigny independent.

This street changed its name several times before 1605, when it was officially called Rue du Parc Royal. Originally, it was called Rue du Petit Paradis and rue du Parc-Royal because it leads to the park of the hotel Tournelles. During the Terror, rue du Parc-Royal street called himself the National Park. It was in 1806 that the street has taken the name "rue du Parc-Royal."

The rue de Turenne is taking the rue du Parc-Royal and rue de Turenne is his leading. Morphologically, the street has a length of 173 meters. Its width was set to 8 meters in a Ministerial Decision dated 13 Fructidor VII. In July 1837, the width of the rue du Parc-Royal was increased to 12 meters.

Rue du Parc-Royal is especially noteworthy for the many mansions that surround it. Most of these buildings date from the 17th century. At No. 4 of the street is the Hotel Carnillac and No. 10 Hotel de Vigny. The hotel is nestled in the Croisilles No. 12. These beautiful buildings are now the charm of rue du Parc Royal and become objects of admiration for passing visitors because of their beautiful but simple architecture.

Transfer to the rue du Parc-Royal in Paris
Rue du Parc-Royal is located 18.8 km from Orly Airport to 32.9 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 87. 9 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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