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The castle of La Motte Nangis or " Castle Nangis " is located in the heart of the city of Nangis in the department of Seine-et- Marne, Ile-de- France . This is an area closed to the public , but tours can be done in an application .


Description of the castle of La Motte Nangis

The castle of La Motte Nangis douvelles currently houses the old mound that was once filled with water. It was characterized by its construction drawbridge by which Joan of Arc went to the dungeon. This fortress was distinguished by two major courses that were surrounded by buildings . It was enclosed by a high wall, which had its four corners, round towers, one of which still stands far side of the church. The left pavilion which has been preserved until now still contains two corner towers . The area also features a turret with a cylindrical and form the foundations of buildings . For a look at the outside, the house is left as it is since its construction.


History of the castle of La Motte Nangis

The castle of La Motte Nangis is a remnant of a castle which was known under the name of " Chateau de la Motte -Beauvoir ." The castle then passed in 1245 the house of Montmorency. Recognized as a fortress in 1397 , the area was heavily destroyed by the English in 1429. The castle of La Motte Nangis was completely rebuilt on the same site in the late sixteenth century by the Marquis de Nangis . Most dilapidated lord was there Fleury was the son of Philip I of France . He assured the protection of the population of the manor during the hundred years war . In 1795 , the last Marquis de Nangis sold the castle to an individual for the reason of his ruin . It was purchased by a former notary appointed Mr. videlle Paris . The latter decided to partially dissolve the castle. This destruction has saved the left of the field and leaving only ruins to the pavilions. The courtyards of the castle have been transformed as the common and to the early twentieth century , they are with their dependencies farm which was called "the farm of the castle ." The house was sold several times and passed into the hands of many owners . In 1860, the left was purchased by the city of Nangis where City Hall has been arranged . It has frontage on two plaques commemorating the reputation of two highly recognized personalities Nangis including: Antoine Adrien and Brichanteau Ramond Du Bosc . In 1859 it was bought by the municipality and became national property . Today, the castle of La Motte Nangis covers administrative council services .


Significant events of the castle of La Motte Nangis

In 1590 , the body of the house of the house have been renovated by Antoine de Brichanteau who was the owner . Then in 1612, the castle of La Motte Nangis hosted Louis XIV in 1678. It keeps the marriage hall six paintings that were classified as historical monuments in May 1909.


Tours of the castle of La Motte Nangis

Nangis Castle can be visited by the public during the European Heritage Days. Enjoy visits in this case you could do inside the fortress, but also discover, in the field and lofts . Your journey takes you to the prison, the church of the city of Nangis and to the Gallo -Roman sites and washhouse Flatigny . Exploring the castle of La Motte Nangis you will discover new experiences by showing you all the periods of its history .

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Transfer from the Château de la Motte to Paris airports

The Château de la Motte is located 76.9 km from the city of Paris . This destination is 67.2 miles from Orly airport to 80.7 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 157 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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