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The castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte is a field that is located in the town of Maincy . It is located 50 km southeast of the city of Paris near Melun. This is a castle dating from the seventeenth century , its open character and " massaged " Plan determine that time.


Description of the castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte

The castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte preserves south encircled a large ditches mud terrace. The house was connected to the rest of the garden by two doors. It has a main building administered before three – body on the side of the court and in the middle of the façade overlooking the garden is a piece dome. The building is characterized by four pavilions , two of which have a rectangular shape and two square. However, in a side view , these twins appear in the tradition of the French architect. Its interior space is organized by a double row of parallel parts with backed or " body double" doors. As for the area, as a whole is formed by a hallway and a large space that gives the appearance of a central span . This arrangement " in Lantern " allows guests to get a glimpse through in the direction of the courtyard, the steps, the hallway and went to the corner of the gardens that lie on the other side . In the ground floor on the side of the court are located two apartments. On the first floor is a longitudinal corridor.


History of the castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte

The castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte is a castle built for the superintendent of finances of Louis XIV , Nicolas Fouquet between 1658 and 1661 years . He bought the fief of Vaux -le-Vicomte and a small castle in 1641 and twenty years later decided to build a unique masterpiece . The construction of the castle was placed in the hands of the best artists of the time , the first architect of King Louis Vau , the painter Charles Le Brun , the landscape architect André Le Nôtre and the master mason Michelle Villedo . On 17 August 1661, Nicolas Fouquet decided to organize a monumental celebration for the opening of his castle by inviting the whole court . Fascinated by the success of the festival , King Louis XIV imprisoned in it that made her life so much gloom . In 1705 , the estate was sold to Marshal Villars , an important military leader. He had spent many years until his son sold the estate to the Duke Choiseul- Praslin in 1764. Reduced in poor condition after years of conservations descendants of Choiseul- Praslin, the field of Vaux -le-Vicomte is put to public auction in July 1875. Purchased by Mr. Alfred Mattress , French sugar refiner , great work rehabilitation has been undertaken to get to the castle to its original state .


Event marking the castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte

The castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte is an architectural and decorative work is currently the largest private property classified as historical monuments since 1875. In 2001 until 2009 , the castle had received the festival opera Plein Air in the courtyard . On 7 July 2007, he was part of the marriage of famous basketball Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria.


Tours of the castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte

The castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte is one of the few castles that can be visited without limits. You could go to the cellar and kitchen to the structures leading to the vaults where you can have a fascinating view of the whole area . Enjoy the discovery museum Crews in the outbuildings which presents a rare gallery hitches . Do not miss the candlelight tours every Saturday from May to October 2000 where candles are lit in the castle and gardens. Various activities for children are also organized .

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Transfer from the Chateau de Vaux -le-Vicomte to Paris airports

The Château de Vaux -le-Vicomte is located 62.9 km from Paris . It is located 46.9 km from Orly airport to 63.9 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 140 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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