Transfer in a private van from Castle Grégy to Paris airports


Castle Grégy is located in the Seine- et-Marne in the French town Evry Grégy -sur- Yerres building. The name of the castle is derived from several sources , including Gragy , Gratiacum and Graiacum .



History of the Castle Grégy

Castle Grégy was the first fortress built by Antoine de Brennes . Currently , the castle is known for these two rounds remaining from its construction to the present. Antoine Clairambault takes over and rebuilt the main building . To the early nineteenth century , he decided to add two wings and a main building perpendicular to a more original appearance. In the twentieth century , the castle was in the hands of Mr. Codman .



Description Castle Grégy

Castle Grégy is included in the field of Grégy . This building is met with the Great House and New House , not to mention the Orangerie and the greenhouse. It is now a historic site became the headquarters of the company SAS . The castle has a tower that once belonged to the old church. The loft also complete the entire castle. The Castle entrance pavilions were designed by M.Codman when the building was still in his possession.

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Transfer  in a private van from Castle Grégy to Paris airports

Castle Grégy is located 45.3 km from Paris . This destination is 35.3 miles from Orly Airport 50.6 km from Charles -de- Gaulle Airport and 127 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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