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Castle Montaiguillon is a fortress located in Luan -Villegruis -Fontaine in the department of Seine-et- Marne , France . It consists , essentially , four towers and two extended by barrel-vaulted rooms turnarounds . Since 2002 , the castle was closed to public visit .



Description Castle Montaiguillon

Today, the Castle Montaiguillon is a ruin of a great fortress of yesteryear. The castle is only a succession of wall that contains a story. Formerly , this house was listed as a historical monument and was accessible to the public. At that time , the castle was no longer complete . But the rest of fortress left by the war , however, deserve to be registered as a historical monument. Today , the castle is only a story told to tourists from the land that bore the remains and stone and wall therein .



History of Castle Montaiguillon

Fortress Montaiguillon was undertaken between 1177-1229 , by Blanche of Navarre during the youth of his son Thibault. In 1420 , the castle was registered for the first time by the troops of Claude Beuvoir of Chastellux , commanded by the Duke of Burgundy. Then, in 1424 , for eight months , the English sat there . These English were under the command of Thomas Montague, Earl of Salisbury. 1613 , the castle was dismantled under the orders of Cardinal Richelieu . In 1875 , the castle was finally registered as a historical monument. More specifically, the remains of the fortress have been recognized as a historic monument. And in 1971 , the real estate company Castle plans to restore it. Unfortunately, it remained a project and the fortress was never rehabilitated. Instead, a tragic accident in 2002 removed to the castle that remained of his royal appearance.

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Transfer from Castle Montaiguillon to Paris airports

Castle Montaiguillon is 102 km from Paris . This destination is 109 miles from Orly airport 106 km from Charles- de- Gaulle Airport and 182 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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