Private car transfer fom CDG airport to Amfreville-la-mi-voie in Normandy


History and activities Amfreville-la-mi-voie in Normandy

Amfreville-la-mi-voie  is a small town located in the department Seine-Maritime in the Haute-Normandie region. Formerly industrial town and birthplace of Skippers, this small city has now only one major company which Tréfimétaux. The latter became both Pirelli and Prysmian. The name Amfreville-la-mie-way would a "ansfredi villa." Ansfred is the name of a Germanic leader who settled in the town after the Roman occupation. As for the term "the Mivoie", it dates from the construction of the abbey of Saint-Ouen in Rouen.


Tourism and visits Amfreville-la-mi-voie in Normandy

Several monuments are present in the small town of Amfreville-la-mi-track. Therefore, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the church of Saint-Rémi Amfreville-la-mi-track. Byzantine revival style, this church was built in the city in 1908, to replace the old church became obsolete and difficult to access. In addition, tourists can marvel at the city hall. This building was completed in 1884. Previously, the building was designed to accommodate the boys’ school. Today, this building became the mayor of the town and at the same time a heritage schools. Similarly, tourists can marvel at the beauty of the park Lacoste. It is rich in various species of trees. This municipal park will delight hikers, so they can enjoy the impressive view of the valley of the Seine. Moreover, the cultural center Simone Signoret contemporary architecture is visible in the small town.

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Transfer from Amfreville-la-mi-voie  to Paris airports  in Normandy

Amfreville-la-mi-voie  is located 3 km from Sotteville-lès-Rouen and 106km from Paris. This town is located 91km from Paris Beauvais airport, 144 km from Orly airport, 150km from the airport Charles de Gaulle airport.


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