Private transport from Paris airports to Agencourt in Burgundy


History of the town of Agencourt in Burgundy

Agencourt is a town situated in the Côte-d’Or and Burgundy. The first written reference the name of the town appear around the year 1110. The latter once had a communication channel which had Premeaux-Prissey to the Roman road Beaune-Dijon located in Saint-Bernard. The village has been occupied since Roman times. He welcomed once a hunting lodge of the Duke of Burgundy. This is the location of this house that the castle was built in Agencourt thirteenth century. This castle listed as a historic monument once welcomed Louis XIII for a hunting party. Partially destroyed the castle became an orphanage for girls in 1978.


Tourism and visits to Agencourt in Burgundy

Several tourist attractions are present in the small village of Agencourt. The church was built between Agencourt the twelfth the thirteenth century. It is classified as historical monuments. The house is also a strong attractions of the city. This construction successively called home, castle, stronghold, fortress and finally became a stately home rural family home in the twentieth century. The team of 1643 this building has semicircular arches, supported by twenty columns. It has also been registered under historical monuments. Over the position of seventeenth and eighteenth century transformed into a ballroom is also visible in the small village. Moreover, tourists can visit the ordeal at the entrance of the village and the commemorative plaque of 1870.

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Transfer from Agencourt in Burgundy to Paris airports

The small village of Agencourt is located 16 km from Beaune and 276 km from Paris. It is 416 km from Paris Beauvais airport to 316 km from Orly Airport and 349 km from Charles de Gaulle.


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