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History of  Arc-en-Barrois

Arc-en-Barrois is a commune of France, which is located in the department of Haute-Marne in the Champagne-Ardenne region. Before its creation, where Arc-en-Barrois is currently passing was an important Roman road that linked iron Langres Sens and Orleans. During the year 1972, it has been linked with the common Aubepierre.


Tourism and activities in Arc-en-Barrois

Arc-en-Barrois is an ideal green vacation spot or for sightseeing. She is in possession of the label "flower village" with three flowers. You might organize tours to admire the sights and monuments that the common home. Explore the church of Saint-Martin d’Arc-en-Barrois is a medieval church dating from the thirteenth century. It is listed as historical monuments February 13, 1928. It covers a tomb that was built from the year 1672.

Also going to discover the Château d’Arc-en-Barrois. It was built around the year 1845 instead of which, a medieval castle destroyed in the revolution was. It was founded by the Princess Adelaide d’Orleans and is today ranked private property. Do not miss a visit to the home of Renaissance Arc-en-Barrois, the ice and the steam.

In addition, to go out, enjoy the fresh air in the state-owned Arc-en-Barrois forest. It is estimated as the largest hunting area that will satisfy lovers of this activity. You could go hunting wild boar, deer and roe deer.

To explore the various attractions of the city of Arc-en-Barrois, our transfer service is available. So when booking, you can make the choice between collective shuttle, private car or luxury car VIP.


Transfer from Arc-en-Barrois to Paris airports

Arc-en-Barrois is located 20 km southwest of Chaumont and 223 km from Paris. It is situated 254 km from Orly airport, 288 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 361 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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