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The Château de Nemours is a fortress which is the center of the town of Nemours at the southern end of the Paris region. It is located in the department of Seine-et-Marne, Ile de France. This is a building that can be visited and open to the public



Description Château de Nemours

The Château de Nemours is characterized by a dungeon surrounded by four rounded turrets and a tower guard a square architecture. This last measure a height of 26 meters, giving views across the valley of the Loing. The courtyard is surrounded by houses which together form the heart of the historical heritage of the town of Nemours between common mills, the Church of St. John the Baptist and clerics.



History of the Château de Nemours

The Château de Nemours is building the XII, XV and XVII centuries. The start of construction was undertaken to 1112 years by Orson on the left bank of Loing. In the fifteenth century, it was restored by Armagnac makes drilling mullioned windows to make the most livable dungeon. During the wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants, the Château de Nemours was in 1585 where the Treaty of Nemours was established. This signature was made between Catherine de Medici and the Duke of Guise in the Catholic League adopting and enforcing Protestants from the kingdom. The castle was transformed into Castle Museum Fine Arts in 1903 and houses more than 20,000 works. This collection was formed by the workshop of the painter Ernest Sanson and market funds. She quickly rose through donations from the printer intaglio Ardail Adolphe, the first curator of the institution. The Castle Museum Nemours reopened Oct. 7, 2007, for the exhibition Zao Wou-Ki, Franco-Chinese painter after many years of closure. The museum is represented by a fascinating graphic arts funds (prints, drawings) and photographs as well as paintings and sculptures of the iconic art of the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Many donations during the twentieth century have enriched the collection as local archeology, natural sciences, coins, tapestries and ceramics revolutionary.



Key Events Château de Nemours

In the mid seventeenth century, the castle was embellished by the addition of an audience of justice during the Anne Hédelin, lieutenant general of the Duke of Orleans stay. He also replaced the château to open on the courtyard and a large threshold. In 1901, an association Justin Chrysostom was the president had decided to do the rehabilitation work to transform the castle into a museum. The finished upgrading, the inauguration took place in 1903. The Château de Nemours currently called "Musée de France" was recorded under the listing of historic monuments since 10 February 1977. During the month of February 2008 until July 2009, a exhibition of 900 years of the Château de Nemours took place in the Castle under the theme of "The Castle at the Museum: Stories to tell." And September to December 2009 "In Between" was produced through modern artistic works. From May to October 2010 was exposed "imaginary about the book." November 2010 in April 2011 was held a presentation of "Justin Sanson-Chrysostome, a sculptor Nemours (1833-1910)" describing the life and craft of it. Many fairs were held until today.



Visit Château de Nemours

During your visit to the Château de Nemours you could enjoy the beautiful Oratory and the museum room characterized by local artistic works. Explore more in a whole dungeon of the Castle.

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Transfer from the Château de Nemours to the Paris airports

The Château de Nemours locates 73.6 km from Orly airport, 107 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 173 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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