Transfer to the Hotel de Ville in Paris


History and visit the Hotel de Ville in Paris
Seat of the city council of Paris, the first municipality was founded in 1246 (St. Louis). Today, the Hotel de Ville de Paris is located in the same place where the former town hall was burned in 1871 during the Paris Commune. It is part of the 4th arrondissement, in the Marais district. A visit to the City Hall of Paris is one of the most captivating entertainment. Visitors will be pleased to discover the architecture and history of this historic monument and see the dark side of the organization of the Council of Paris, the city services and major events held at this property.

This is year 1357 the City Hall of Paris began to house all the services of the municipality of the city, lorsqu’Etienne Marcel, representing the municipality, acquired the house with pillars. This distinguished from others by its architecture is also the center of attraction when highlights cultural activities such as sporting events, exhibitions or concerts. The Hotel de Paris is rich in a very long history. It is here that the population was accustomed to gather on various occasions, be it for the festivities, the public announcement of treaties or for the execution of convicted persons.

Heart of the city, this was the most convenient place for all workers seeking employment wait for them to come to their proposals. Although the meaning was distorted nowadays, it is precisely because of this strong job on this site that was eventually awarded him the "Place de Greve ‘request. And even when the place of strike turned into pedestrian street in 1982, the population does not lack opportunities to meet in this place, something the mayor operates by organizing various events and occasions.

The Third Republic was the one that left the most impact on the city hall both architectural and ornamental on plane. The hotel has several rooms which all reflect the political orientation of the city through the works of various artists who participated in their decorations. With over 66,000 square meters distributed in more than 600 rooms, City Hall has enough space for free and temporary exhibitions on the theme of the city, there is even a nursery space and 600 m² are dedicated to children employees of the municipality, while remaining open to neighborhood children who meet the admission requirements.

It is possible to visit the Town Hall alone or in groups. The group tour is usually done in an hour and is made in six languages ​​which are of course the French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. It is also advisable for visitors to contact the group protocol two months in advance to make a reservation. For those who would like to make the visit alone, there is a weekly visit (2 visits during the summer) that supports thirty people and taught in French. The dates and times of visits are set every Thursday preceding the week of the visit, it is advisable to inquire and book in advance the Hostess or call directly the protocol.

Transfer to the Hotel de Ville in Paris
The City Hall is located 19.1 kilometers from Orly Airport, 27.3 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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